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7 Days To Die [Alpha]
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days die similar minecraft dayz survival zombie horror game

2013-08-30 03:39:11 GMT


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In this zombie survival game, you must collect resources, kill zombies, and survive.


Installation notes:

1. Download the torrent.
2. One the torrent is finished, I suggest you seed it for others.
3. Open the torrent, and extract the content to a new folder on your desktop.
4. Open the newly made folder with all the 7DTD content inside, and run the setup.
5. Wait for the setup to finish.
6. You should have a desktop icon once finished.
7. Open the game and you're done!


This game/download has been brought to you by "TOP_PC_GAMES"!


I do NOT own "7 Days To Die"!
If you would like to PURCHASE or SUPPORT this game, check out:		


Make sure to leave a comment if you need any installation support. If you have any further questions you may leave a comment also.

Have fun!
Does it work? if yes Tell me How to Install It.

It does indeed work, check the desc. for installation help :)
AMAZING GAME! everyone should play it. Support the developers when you can! Im buying as soon as their store is back online lol.
Ehm, is there a multiplayer?
I would really like to play this with my friend, like coop... :D
@VirusWar ... Yes there is multiplayer, look around the internet for more info.

@LuKaar ... Indeed it is, I'm glad you enjoyed it, make sure to seed the torrent for others to enjoy it aswell!
So Mr. Top_PC_Games, why aren't you seeding.

Ok so I left my comment on the fact that your not seeding at all. Funny how you bypassed GoeC's comment on seeding. I think this is a fake.
@Bean-Bandit, easy, download any other torrent for this game instead of complaining.
Uhmmm cause there weren't any at the time. This guy hasn't seeded period since he put it up. So why don't you shut your hole before you know the facts.

Does it honestly matter if I seed or not? The torrent is a small download, wouldn't take long to download unless your internet was a piece of shit.

And stop complaining about it before I delete this torrent completely...
It does matter cause nobody fuking had it. Idiot. If you're not gonna seed it then delete the torrent cause nobody fuking else was cause they didn't fuking have it.

Lol, many people have this game...
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