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The Sims 3: University Life [FULL] * Games4theworld *
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2013-03-17 14:30:43 GMT
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                            The Sims 3: University Life


- Installation Guide
- The Sims 3: University Life
- Crack


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does this work for mac?
Help! I followed the directions but when I tried to copy the TSLHOST.dll file a message popped up that says "You need permission to perform this action"... now my game wont open at all. What do I do? Help
for people having problems, just download

Island Adventures to fix problems, but not all problems. blame EA, their shit deserves to be pirated. YAAAR!
i been getting the same issue as a few people regarding this expansion....each time i install stops working about 1 min into the start of the game once you get into your sims world....the other expansions have worked perfect so far.....but this is the only one giving problems.
I installed everything just fine but I can't paste the crack into the base game's bin folder. It keeps saying "there is not enough space on sims 3. You need an additional 18.5 MB to copy these files" Help please? I'm using Vista.
@samulet: Make sure you're copying the file to your hard drive, not the iso you just downloaded. go to Windows Explorer, click on your C drive, go to Program Files, Electronic Arts, The sims 3 university life, game, bin, and paste it there. it will ask you to overwrite, and tell it to copy and replace.
Downloading now hopping it will work !


When installing The Sims 3 expansion packs, you have to look out for the release dates as this helps with the crack and "No-CD" error people are having: -please read-


I have the following The Sims 3 expansions:

-The Sims 3 (Base Game)
-The Sims 3: World Adventures
-The Sims 3: High-End Loft Stuff
-The Sims 3: Ambitions
-The Sims 3: Pets
-The Sims 3: Late Night
-The Sims 3: University Life
-The Sims 3: Into The Future


When it comes to the "copy and paste TS3W and TSLHost.dll" crack of the game, be sure to notice if your game is the latest one out and if you are unsure, google it or install The Sims 3: Into The Future

Because the cracks are put for the base game, these torrent uploaders tell you to crack the "latest one" but because ITF IS the latest, you then don't need to install cracks for ANY more expansions, just install and play!! This way you don't run into the No CD error or Invalid disk or any other error!

Hope I helped out a little!!

Every time I load the game it crashes either immediately or when I try to load a town.
Some background: I downloaded Island paradise from g4tw last week and it worked perfectly. So I'm pretty sure I didn't miss a step while installing. But I can't seem to fix the crashing. Did anyone else have this problem and were you able to fix it?
Thank you :j
I'm having a similar problem as @SittingBowl I recently downloaded Island Paraside from you guys. I downloaded the lastest crack that you provide and my island paraside got to working but now the university life game won't work. It stays on the loading screen after i send them to university and never loads it. whelp Idk what to do please help i've been trying to play for weeks
@Demat4 You need Administrator permission. Try running the game as an administrator (Right click game, scroll down to 'Run as administrator' click that and a screen will pop up asking for permission. Click, 'Yes' and it should open.) If it does not, maybe you have multiple accounts on your computer if you do, try each account to see if it is the admin. Hope this helps!
I have the purchased version of the based game and The Sims 3 Seasons, and I keep getting the "no disk error". Help?
Do i need to log into to play the expansion?
someone pls help me cant find the serial code :'(
nevermind found it lol great torrent
i downloaded many of these expansion packs...when i tried to click on it it brought up my windows media player and said that the file is not supported. none of them downloaded with the installation guide so i don't know what to please?
WARNING: Fuck this bullshit torrent. It sucks. FUCK YOU. It is hard to make it work.
A lucky person would avoid this torrent. THIS TORRENT IS FUCKING BULLSHIT.
fdgddfg WTF buddy ?!
it works fine & Its so easy to make it work .
i copied the crack but it still comes up with the no disk error!! plz help!!!!!!!!!!
When i start downloading this torrent it starts and when i go to files of this torrent it only show the sims 3-University Life.rar not crack and installation guide please help me.
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