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Windows 7 Ultimate Genuine Activator
Applications > Windows
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windows 7 ultimate keygen acti
2012-10-26 19:14:09 GMT

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This is a working Windows 7 Activator. I personally attest to it's validity and success on my own Windows 7 Ultimate.

I do not know if this works on Home or Professional editions of Windows 7, but I do know it DOES work with 7 Ultimate.

Extract file: Windows 7 Loader
Run: Windows 7 Loader and click Install without changing anything.
It will install and ask for a reboot. Allow it to reboot, then right-click on the Computer menu shortcut, and select Properties at the bottom of the dropdown menu. The page should come up with the specs of your computer, and at the bottom, it will say:

Windows Activation
Windows is activated
Product ID: #####-###-#######-##### <--(Your Product ID will be here)

Remember, always scan your downloads with an antivirus and antimalware BEFORE you run them.

THIS IS NOT A VERSION OF Windows 7 Ultimate. This is a Genuine Activator. Do not complain when it doesn't install Windows 7 Ultimate.		


thanks, man! it worked nice and well. actually my windows 7 is genuine, but I think since I used the same CD for a laptop and PC, it automatically became not genuine. But who cares. I got my background pic of MJ in Kurdish clothes back. :D

it's facebook, not facebooka. :P
I have Windows 7 Ultimate, just like this program says it is for and it works GREAT tried a couple of others that did absolutely NOTHING, but this one works exactly like it says, no fuss, no muss just run it, let it go, and you have a validated computer.

My computer came from a pawn shop 2 years ago, and suddenly this week it started popping up microsoft warnings saying I may be a victim of sofware fraud, or whatever. The pop ups were constant and annoying, and now they are gone.YAY!

Thank you so much!
I tried No_Religion's activator on my Windows 7 Ultimate and it didn't work, now I've been using No_Religion's activator for 5 fucking years.
I decided to use this one since it has got so many seeds, well I shouldn't have, right off the bat after restarting my pc, it was stuck on a blinking underscore and it would reboot back into the BIOS, I had to reformat my Windows 7 system in order for it to work, now my laptop is a new computer and it just came yesterday from warranty repairs, I suggest you DON'T use this tool.
Lol. All these youtubers copying my torrent and posting it as if its their own. Yeesh, at least link back here, the original post, instead of claiming it as your own.
Also, since people are retards and don't know how to read directions, I will repeat, one last time:

Install Windows 7
Skip the activation step
Let installation finish and boot to windows
Run Loader and Reboot
Install all selected updates

There will be one update that adds activation security to windows. If this update is already installed, or installed afterwords, this loader will not work, nor will any other. To ensure this is not an issue, a fresh installation is required so there are no updates to interfere. This Loader will de-select that update, so there should be no problem so long as you do net select it for installation.

This should be a no brainer for anyone who is resorting to cracking their Windows 7 Ultimate, but then again, there are always the fools who don't know what they're doing and get mad at me when the mistakes they made were they're own.

So basically, if you have installed updates first, this loader is 99% likely to fail and your system will crash.
If you do a fresh installation of 7 Ultimate SP1, then you will have a 99% likely success rate.
Just saying.
A Fresh installation is ALWAYS REQUIRED.

If you don't understand that, you shouldn't be trying to hack a computer in the first place.
Have fun ya'll.

(BTW-This was posted from the same computer I used this loader on 3 years ago, and it still hasn't asked for a new key. This really does work IF YOU FUCKING FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. Now quit sending me hate mail...)
So what if you used this program on an updated and working installation of Win7 and it crashed it and can't get past BIOS. I have the installation CD, and have to option to boot using a win7 portable iso on usb, what do I do? System Restore is failing, what files do i remove / registry tweaks do I do to make it work again? How to undo what this did?

Please help me. After I use this activator, my notebook it's not starting anymore, even from the DVD from Win 7 to restart again.

What can I do?

works! thanks
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