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Adobe CS6 Master Collection
Applications > Windows
9.65 GiB (10357612804 Bytes)
Adobe CS6 Adobe CS6 Master Collection
2012-05-27 23:22:31 GMT
AncientRome Trusted

Info Hash:

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      db                   .g8"""bgd  db  `7MM"""YMM  `7MN.   `7MF'MMP""MM""YMM 
     ;MM:                .dP'     `M        MM    `7    MMN.    M  P'   MM   `7 
    ,V^MM.    `7MMpMMMb. dM'       ``7MM    MM   d      M YMb   M       MM      
   ,M  `MM      MM    MM MM           MM    MMmmMM      M  `MN. M       MM      
   AbmmmqMA     MM    MM MM.          MM    MM   Y  ,   M   `MM.M       MM      
  A'     VML    MM    MM `Mb.     ,'  MM    MM     ,M   M     YMM       MM      
.AMA.   .AMMA..JMML  JMML. `"bmmmd' .JMML..JMMmmmmMMM .JML.    YM     .JMML.    
1. Extract RAR
3. Click Set-up.exe
4. Click Install (I have a Serial)
5. Input Serial: 1325-0160-5283-9851-2671-8951
6. Select Language you want and what programs you want to install.
7. Copy appropriate Cracked files into appropriate folders. [LISTED BELOW]
8. Reconnect to Internet
9. Enjoy!

64 Bit Appications: (Use 64bit amtlib.dll)

	Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
	Adobe After Effects CS6
	Adobe SpeedGrade CS6
	Adobe Encore CS6
	Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64bit)
	Adobe Bridge CS6 (64bit)
	Adobe Illustrator CS6 (64bit)


32 Bit Applications: (Use 32bit amtlib.dll)

	Adobe Photoshop CS6
	Adobe Bridge CS6
	Adobe Illustrator CS6
	Adobe Audition CS6
	Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
	Adobe Extension Manager CS6
	Adobe Fireworks CS6
	Adobe Flash Professional CS6
	Adobe InDesign CS6
	Adobe Media Encoder CS6
	Adobe Prelude CS6


(Note: All amtlib.dll files are located in main directory EXCEPT Illustrator, After Effects, and Speedgrade)

	Adobe After Effects CS6Support Files
	Adobe Illustrator CS6Support FilesContentsWindows
	Adobe Illustrator CS6 (64 Bit)Support FilesContentsWindows
	Adobe SpeedGrade CS6bin		


Sorry guys, could you help me? Everytime I do what's written in the guide, so running setup.exe Adobe gives me this error message:

We've encountered the following issues

Installer failed to initialize. This could be due to a missing file. Please download Adobe Support Advisor to detect the problem.

What can I do?
I got malware from this torrent. What's up with that? it's in each Adobe folder for each product (i.e. Photoshop, Dreamworks, etc.
thanks you for share
Ok, going back through install hopefully to get everything back. All was fine then everything started asking me to register. Not sure what happened.
And yeah, some software will pick up the hacked files as malware, pretty common with this stuff.
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